Kay is the resident speaker on the award-winning podcast The Reset Room.

Dealing with Leadership Stress

On this episode of the series host Kelly is joined by resident expert Kay Woodburn once again. On this podcast they talk about the perils of being in a position of leadership and particularly the stress that may come with that. But, as you will hear, this does not have to be the case. Kay gives us valuable tips and advice about preventing stress and using different techniques to ensure you can operate at a high level but without this drawback. In addition they discuss the impact stress can have on the people around you and how best to ensure this is not the case.

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How to apply an athlete’s mindset to everyday life

On this week’s The Reset Room host Kelly Crichton is joined once again by Kay Woodburn a life coach and expert in personal development and performance. Kay has worked with many athletes across her career and on this episode brings us what she has learned about how athletes succeed and how we can apply this to our everyday lives.

Kay explains the key characteristics of athletes that can be adopted but other important actions around recovery and bouncing back after failure. Kay demystifies the idea that athletes are somehow super human and shows us how we too can adapt their behaviours to our everyday lives.

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Dealing with anxiety and depression in young people and helping build their resilience

On this episode of The Reset Room personal development expert Kay Woodburn joins host Kelly Crichton to talk about depression and anxiety in young people and how we can help build their resilience. Kay talks Kelly through how we can respond best to someone in this situation. Importantly, she says, we need to understand the lens through which we are viewing these issues and then we need to ask ourselves some key questions to establish what’s going on. The next part of the process is to approach the person in question sensitively and reassuringly. Get some great advice from Kay on this podcast to help deal with this tricky issue.

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*Special Episode* Why we all need some ‘Grittitude’ in our lives

On this special bonus episode of The Reset Room, host Kelly Crichton is joined by resident expert Kay Woodburn on the launch of her first book. They are joined by Jacqui Flavell co-author of ‘Grittitude’ with Kay. Listeners will hear all about the mission of the book and how Kay and Jacqui came to write it together. They believe that anyone can benefit from picking up this book and asking themselves some key questions about how they are living their lives, and just what it is that they want to achieve. The book is available now on Amazon.co.uk

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Valuing Time

On this episode of The Reset Room host Kelly Crichton is joined by Kay Woodburn to discuss how we can best use our time. The value of time is very subjective to the individual but many wish they had more of it or could use their time more wisely.Kay takes us through how we can use our time to maximum effect, eliminating friction and enhancing flow. There’s advice on how to balance commitments to family and work as well as ensuring others respect your time. Finally, Kay gives advice to two listeners who are struggling to get everything done.

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Burnout and how to avoid it

Kay Woodburn is back in The Reset Room with Kelly this week to talk about all things Burnout. As life becomes more busy and stressful various types of burnout are becoming more prevalent, be it work burnout, caregiver burnout or parental burnout amongst others. This physical and emotional exhaustion over the long term can impact our health and wellbeing.Get some tips around how to spot the warning signs of burnout and some coping mechanisms that can help address it. Kay also helps advise a listener who has written in to tell how his coping mechanisms are impacting on his family life.

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Mindfulness – more than just a buzzword

On this episode join Kelly and Kay as they delve into the world of mindfulness. Despite becoming a buzzword in recent years, mindfulness can be understood simply, in other ways, as Kay Woodburn explains on this episode, you can call it ‘attention training…being in the moment or being present…’Kay explains that whilst many associate mindfulness with meditation and spirituality it is a much more accessible and practical tool that everyone can implement into their everyday lives.Also in this episode Kay gives advice to a listener whose child becomes anxious in social settings and tells us how children can benefit from mindful practices too. This involves some really simple but effective actions that make all the difference for an anxious child.Kay makes some recommendations in this episode that include:Books’The Power of Now’ by Eckhart Tolle’Search Inside Yourself’ by Chade-Meng TanApps Insight Timer Mindfulness Based Living (The Mindfulness Association) Headspace

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Managing fear as part of performance

This week Kelly is joined by Kay Woodburn of Gritty People to talk about managing fear as part of performance. Learn how fear in work and other situations can affect you and what you can do to address it. Kay talks us through some practical techniques to deal with everything from freezing in a presentation to stage fright. We’ll hear from some listeners on the real-life challenges they are facing too.

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