Coaching helps you with anything from better organizing your time through to managing fear, limiting beliefs and anxiety. I work with my clients on a one to one basis, treating everyone the same and different at the same time!

What do I mean by this?

There are no two people the same, we are all unique in relation to our experiences, values, beliefs and generally how we see the world, not to mention how we operate within it. Therefore, different people process information in various ways and it’s my passion to get to know you, listen and observe. I will then genuinely see the world through your eyes, and then help you develop new internal processes to manage that time, anxiety, fear etc… in a more resourceful way.


Through firstly getting to know you and see the world through your eyes, understanding how you process information, emotions and respond under perceived pressure. I utilize highly pragmatic coaching techniques which echo the human psychological processes relating to performance, we will identify a specific performance context, and improve your performance within that context in an observable, measurable way.

Then we will apply the mindset shifts (also described as ‘desired state’) at the most powerful place – your unconscious mind. This is the part of your mind that stores all memories, it is responsible for developing habits and behaviours, and most importantly, it works on auto pilot 24 hours a day. So it’s important to make sure this massive database is getting the best possible training as it’s the engine driving all your thoughts, decisions, immune system, digestion, and much more!


We are all doing the best we can with the internal resources we have available. Imagine those internal resources as jars of sweets in a sweet shop. My role is to help you put more jars on the shelf to reach for at the moment you want or need them and refill them when they are running low.


Jonathan Dean

Head of Business Improvement

Kay is inspiring, motivational and thought provoking. I am always in awe of Kay’s ability to listen whilst creating an arena of thought and self-reflection, producing true grit, not to mention having a lot of fun along the way! Truly inspirational.

Francesca Davis

Head of Talent – Pets at Home

Kay is amazing, she has coached me through some really hard times and given me the tools to use going forward should I ever face the same situations again. I feel like since I’ve worked with kay my life has become more positive and she had helped me change the way I think. Eternally grateful!

Claire Gavin

Director of Brands

Kay is qualified to the highest standard.  She’s helped me, my family members and at least another five other people I can think of get over their particular limiting beliefs .  She’s engaging, totally professional, absolutely discrete and pretty much incredible. She’s transformed my life

Cath Jesse

Product Innovation Consultant

Kay’s support has been instrumental in helping me get rid of my anxiety and clear my mind from years of negative thoughts and self-criticism. After just one appointment I could feel the positive difference, I have no idea how she does it, to have lived with this for 20 years and then it’s gone!  it’s truly amazing!

Mark Thompson

Editorial Director, JPI Media

It’s not an understatement to say Kay has transformed my outlook on the world. We all tell ourselves stories about what is happening around us and to us, some positive but many negative. Now I have a greater understanding of how these stories come about and how they can be interpreted and changed to achieve my goals at work and in life.

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