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…and build the habits to transform your mental performance through live, interactive sessions led by Kay Woodburn, an award winning Master Practitioner in NLP. Kay has two decades of experience unleashing a high performance mindset in elite athletes and she’s ready to share everything with you !

Kay and her team will guide you through this 12 week programme developing grit and a high performance mindset. When you join this elite programme you too can find out how it feels and what it means to get out of your own head and into performing at your peak when it matters most.

You have the power to choose whether this time in your life is going to set you back or propel you forwards.



“Working with Gritty People over the past few months has changed the way I look at racing as a whole and to enjoy what I love, I now trust the process rather than focus solely on the outcome

To enjoy it like I have been doing has completely changed it for me making it much more fun. The structure of the sessions is just unbeatable and the knowledge from Kay is mindblowing…


Koby Newbould - MX Nationals & EMX



“Gritty People have really unlocked a new way of thinking for me, which has not only helped with my race performance but also with my day to day living.

Each session is extremely professional and I always leave with confidence that I have the tools for a better approach to future events





Josh Spinks - Professional Motocross rider, Mx Coach



I have been working with Gritty People for a couple of months and I can’t thank them enough, they always go above and beyond. Although it’s only been a short time my perspective of how I see myself on and off the bike has begun to change.

I even managed a couple of holeshots with the new mental techniques for preparing myself on the start line. Im looking forward to working with gritty people again in the near future.

Kyle Bennett - MX Nationals Rider



“My sessions with Gritty People are amazing every time! I come out of my sessions with my mind blown!

They explain all the different things that happen inside your mind on and off the track and because you understand more, you learn new ways to manage your mind.

You come out of a session feeling like a better person, more positive, more confident, more relaxed, more mentally prepared, and so much more…

Joel rizzi - Professional Motocross Rider


Hi, I’m Kay I never used to be very good at mastering my mind-set, in fact I was so oblivious to the importance of mind-set that I hadn’t even considered mastering it! That is until I was introduced to Neurolinguistic programming about 20 years ago, it had such a profound impact on my life personally, professionally and athletically that I decided to become a qualified NLP coach myself. Having the ability to help people transform their lives is the reason I founded Gritty People 10 years ago.


I now get to spend my time helping others transform their own mind set through my workshops and coaching sessions. I love helping people get out of their own way, releasing the potential they always had within them. I’m pretty high challenge in my approach, but when you are setting yourself a challenge it becomes really important to have someone to challenge and support you along the way.


In my experience nothing incredible ever happens inside our comfort zone. It’s my job to help you get comfortable being uncomfortable until it’s comfortable and then encourage you to get comfortable being uncomfortable again!



Joel Matterley

I feel that all athletes should give mindset coaching a go! it helps alot with your confidence on track and with the general life stuff you want to improve within yourself. The coaching sessions are great and you always feel that you've learnt something new about your mindset each session.

Joel Rizzi MX2 World Championships

Warm up - Getting to the Start

Practice - Life of an athlete

Qualifying - In performance

Moto 1 - Being more Awesome

Moto 2 – Editing your personal history

Moto 3 - Let’s Go !



I was Suffering with TBI (traumatic brain injury) which was impacting on my mental health and ability to ride.

Kay managed to turn my life around so positivity and stood by my side whenever I needed her, even when I was feeling good, Kay’s knowledge, understanding and care for everyone possible is what makes gritty people athletes so great. I’ve got from being down as you could be to now being focused and happy. I can now focus back on what I love with motocross, family and much more.

Kay’s is now doing an outstanding job of supporting me through the BSMA NATIONAL 2022 season amongst injury and anything else in my path! Thank you kay!


Drew Rigby - BSMA Nationals



Mindset coaching with Kay has been amazing and completely changed the way I think and feel on race day!

I got in contact at the back end of last year as I felt like I wasn’t enjoying myself anymore. 

 Fast forward to the start of the new season and I feel like a new person and am now enjoying racing more than I ever have!

Tallon Aspden - MX Nationals Rider



I feel like working on my mindset, clearly setting goals and visualising where I want to be really sets you up for success combined with Strength and Conditioning it can be a awesome combination.

I believe that working with Kay has set me on the right trajectory and freed me from unnecessary stress and relief as at the end of the day all your doing is riding your dam bike and what else could you want in life,

Thank you Kay.

Joseph Prashner - MTB National downhill series

I have been working with Kay at Gritty People for a few months now and she has changed my thoughts and my approach to racing all for the better. I no longer see myself as any less than a front runner, in the past I’ve always had doubts about achieving my goals but since speaking with Kay she has opened new ways of thinking and I now believe I belong. I feel more relaxed even in my day to day life away from racing which is great. Race days can be nerve racking but by following everything Kay has taught me I now know how to control my emotions and get the most out of myself

David Plank - Bridgestone British Masters Rider

Kay has helped me to believe in myself more!

I keep calm now and flow on the track.

Every time I speak to kay I feel confident for my next race and I always come away smiling! 😊

She has given me the tools to think differently.

It’s really helped the way I think when I’m racing!

 Thankyou malachi #197

Malachi Stratton Kensworth schoolboy MXC


Had a session with Kay a few months back and It’s really opened my mind and found my motivation again to get back behind the gate and back in the Gym!

Cant recommend enough to get your mindset into racing and gaining full focus!

Oliver Consterdine Acerbis Nationals and toughsheet Evo championship Rider

Since I have been working with Kay she has taught me tricks to manage my nerves and help me to feel confident. Now I can stand on the start gate ready to race. Step by step I am getting better thanks to Kay

Angelica Bennett 65cc British Womans MotoX Contender & Becky Bennett

With the help of Kay from Gritty people athletes , I was able to manage my time so I could concentrate on my plans to prepare myself for racing, this included my mindset.
Kay helped & showed me how important it was to have a confident and healthy mindset,
It influenced improvement in my riding.
I felt more confident on the bike and felt a lot happier with my riding overall.

Beanie Reece British Womans MX Contender and 2021 85cc Womans Youth MotoX Champion

Gritty People Athletes

Gritty People Athletes

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