Experience a transformational learning experience that empowers you to choose your behaviour patterns and achieve lasting results

At Gritty People, our transformative learning experiences empower individuals to achieve lasting results. Our highly experiential approach allows you to shape your future by choosing your behaviour patterns. Enhance your Emotional Intelligence and cultivate resilience to transform the workplace mindset. Expect immediate self-awareness and reflection, translating theory into tangible results.

What sets us apart

Our commitment to being different – challenging conventions and norms; being disruptive – driving transformative change; being change makers – translating theory into tangible results.

With Gritty People, you can expect outcomes that truly make a difference.

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When individuals & teams embody ‘The Six Gritty Traits‘ they significantly impact business metrics. Discover how ‘The Gritty Way‘ will transform your business.

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Meet the founder:

Kay Woodburn is an award-winning coach and facilitator to business executives and professional athletes. She is the best-selling author of Gritt-i-tude and resident guest on the award-winning podcast ‘Reset Room’. Her unique methods have helped thousands of people transform their lives, professionally, personally, and athletically.

Kay and her team at Gritty People find it fascinating how an individual’s beliefs, focus and interactions can influence successful, and sometimes not so successful, outcomes. The need to do more with less right now, is real and that requires a new mindset, internal strength and approach.

Have a look around and you will get to know Gritty People much better.


Immerse yourself
in our unique
approach to
workshops &

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Our highly pragmatic approach, echo’s the human system, unlocking blockers, fears and limiting beliefs, into a positive future state of being and succeeding.

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We develop
powerful internal
boosting confidence,
reducing anxiety,
and enhancing

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The Book

Best Seller:
Gritt-i-tude offers
a unique opportunity
to explore the
questions you may
never have otherwise

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Award winning podcast ‘The Reset Room’ equips you with the tools to succeed on your adventure to becoming Grittier in work, sport and life.

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