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A Bit about Us

Gritty People are a people development consultancy specialising in leadership development and behavioural change. Our business was born from a passion and deep curiosity of people, all people, from all walks of life. We find it fascinating how an individual’s beliefs, focus and interactions can influence successful, and sometimes not so successful outcomes.

We can not be the best versions of ourselves with IQ alone. Why? because no amount of academic and technical ability is going to help us with human interaction. Emotional Intelligence = (IQ + Tech) x 2. At Gritty People we work with you to develop this untapped resource.

We have spent over 18 years working in, and with, large blue chip organisations. Our experience coupled with industry and market research confirms that successful people & successful change happens through utilising real experiences, through our workshops, coaching and when back in the workplace. By connecting the dots in a way which you can apply your own value meaning, we find the true connection of ‘individual’ values with the ‘business’ values.

The hard stuffs the easy stuff, the soft stuffs the challenging stuff.
It’s 90% a people deal!

So what is grit?

The ability to develop and maintain the positive perseverance required to achieve long-term goals. Gritty people overcome obstacles and they will always find a way, maintaining powerful motivation to achieve their objective. You need gritty people in your businesses!
People who are high in emotional intelligence & grit are the key to delivering sustainable change and will lead the way.

Why we do what we do

We are on a mission to help people break out of the box. Our work environments have changed and are still changing. We need to do more with less, and that requires a new mindset and approach. We do what we do because we know there is a better way, how do we know?  because we have seen it, done it and helped 1000’s of people leaders, team members and businesses learn how to do it too.

We want to work with people that believe as we believe, and enable you to enjoy results beyond belief.

How we do it?

At Gritty People we work with you to develop your Emotional Intelligence & levels of Grit, we do it in a very experiential way. We create experiences for people, and those experiences allow in the moment responses to help people become more aware of their own patterns of behaviour.

We truly engage learners before joining the learning programme to change their mindset from ‘have’ to learn, to ‘want’ to learn. The learner will make the decision to attend and therefore concentration and motivation levels are increased. During the learning experience, we ensure the workshops are designed to suit all learning preferences, the learner is encouraged to participate, interact and be autonomous in their learning experience.

The problem: People High in IQ, high in technical and high in EI are incredibly few and far between
The solution: EI and Grit can be learnt, at any stage of your life and career.

Gritty Workshops

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Our clients

Gritty People are proud to be working with the following companies:



Gritty People Associates Open Event

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Emotional Intelligence & Leadership Corporate Programmes

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Gritty People Academy Online courses

First on-line course release ;

Our on-line Gritty Mind Tidy is a unique, once in a lifetime opportunity of self development. This 4 week programme will truly transform the way you operate in the world.

You see the world as you are, not as it is. How do you see your world today?

Once you’ve experienced this four-week program, I guarantee that you will see the world differently.

In your new world, you will operate with confidence and positive responses, which will impact behaviours, actions and ultimately the results and achievements you desire.


During this Online course We work with your psychology and physiology creating experiences to allow you to truly connect with yourself and understand your purpose.

You will gain an understanding of what Emotional Intelligence is, and how taking back control of your own emotions can reduce pressure and stress.

You will understand your limiting beliefs and how you can turn them into enabling beliefs.

You will understand how you can work in harmony with your unconscious mind.

Our online course is full of ‘real life’ tools and techniques to help you to help yourself….de-stress and recharge It’s challenging to pour form an empty cup!

What You Get;

> Access to our four week course content for a full year allowing you to return and refresh.

> Unlimited e-mail support.

> Access to our exclusive Gritty Academy Community where you will be supported via content rich webinars from Kay Woodburn and her team.

> Access to never before seen Gritty people content

> A new and empowered mindset

Release Date

Available Now

Course Duration

This is a Four Week Course with a years access to content and a years direct support from Kay and her team.


On-Line – The Gritty People Academy
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Meet the team

Kay Woodburn

Founder & Managing Director

I love working with new people and helping them discover the secrets of effective human interaction. Family life, L&D Corporate career and passion to help people get grittier led to the founding of Gritty People in 2013. Over the last 5 years we have done just that, supported and coached people through their Gritty Journey… I hope you find our website valuable!

Stewart Woodburn

Programme Director

I ensure our clients get exactly what they have been promised, on time and within budget. It’s important to me that all our clients have a smooth professional experience when partnering with Gritty People. I love to get into the detail and find creative solutions. While our facilitation team are delivering our workshops and coaching sessions. I’m running the ship back at HQ to make sure we provide the best experience for you and your teams.

Jacqui Flavell

Learning Consultant

I have over 25 years of experience in training and facilitation. I am passionate about personal and leadership development. I love seeing the impact that coaching has and helping people experience those lightbulb moments. Knowing I have made a difference makes my day. I am always learning and developing my own understanding of how people behave, why we do what we do and what motivates people. Outside work I love holidays and am always planning my next trip.

Victoria Warren

Learning Consultant

I have a passion for people. Key areas of focus for me are happiness, strengths and resilience. I love to use my knowledge within employee wellbeing, career development and personal coaching. I started my career in the energy sector working within Learning & Development. I went on to manage L&D within healthcare then to change and transformation projects. I’m currently studying an MSc in Positive Psychology and hold post graduate qualifications in Human Resources Development. I have been involved in numerous corporate and individual coaching assignments, workshop delivery, strategy development & change projects.


Learning Consultant

My passion is creating great places of work where people can play to their strengths and be their very best. The vehicle for doing this is leadership development; leadership challenges the status quo and is the catalyst for change and creating sustainable, enjoyable and profitable businesses. I love helping to create innovative world class programmes. As a country boy, my heart lies in creative, experiential programmes using the outdoors. I’m proud to have worked with so many brilliant businesses over 20 years. Supporting me in my work is the knowledge gained from a Masters degree in Leadership, Master Practitioner in NLP and NLP Coaching and Hypnotherapy.


Learning Consultant

My passion lies in understanding peoples ambition, working with them to uncover their strengths and helping them choose the most useful actions to improve their performance. Performance and progress are at the heart of my own life and I use my core beliefs around practice, support and stretch to create the right environment for people to grow and develop. I have over 20 years’ experience of developing people to work collaboratively and deliver exceptional results, particularly as part of organisational change. I am an ILM accredited and WABC affiliated business coach and an experienced facilitator, quickly building relationships and guiding development of clear goals that people are inspired to deliver.


Learning Consultant

My strengths lie with my ability to influence, coach, mentor and nurture individuals. I have a passion for developing others and I find watching others grow deeply satisfying.   To help an individual or organisation become the best they can be is the most rewarding and enjoyable part of my job and I consider myself to be very lucky to be part of their journey.

My experience of Leadership, coaching, mentoring and strategic planning has enabled me to add great value to a number of organisations who were making transformational changes.



I am very people oriented and love helping others to achieve success. I want to help others focus on what they to best.

My career background is in training where I’ve designed, delivered, scheduled and managed training courses. I currently have responsibility for the Learning Management Systems; for delegates to book training, complete on-line learning and provide proof of learning or feedback for the records. If you hear from me it will usually be to book in a workshop or coaching session with one of our fantastic learning consultants and coachees – I’m the one that connects you together and makes stuff happen.


Outdoor Support

My absolute passion lies in the outdoors. I believe the outdoors should be utilised to it’s fullest potential. In a experiential learning context that could be hiking, kayaking, boating, camping or a host of many other activities. For this reason I provide and supply the L&D and HR functions with safety, logistics and a secure working environment for them to undertake their interventions outdoors. Also responsible for the background undertakings of risk assessments, codes of practice and the legal obligations of H&S, Insurance and Logged Maintenance.

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