When we are operating in a default mindset we are on the opposite side of high performance, often feeling a sense of overwhelm, frustration, fatigue and ultimately burnout. Our minds are not designed to be in a state of ‘high alert’ for extended periods of time and so it becomes super important to train your mind to switch off and on at will. Learning when it’s appropriate to do both is essential to maintaining a consistent performance.

Operating in a high performance mindset means so much more than how we ‘perform’ in the ‘performance’. It refers to all elements of your world before, during and after the performance.

The gritty performance coaching approach provides a methodology to intervene at all three stages of the performance cycle –
before, during and after.

How we do it

There are no two people the same and my coaching sessions are tailored to you and what you WANT to achieve. 

Through firstly getting to know you and seeing the world through your eyes, understanding how you process information, emotions and respond under perceived pressure. 

I utilize highly pragmatic coaching techniques which echo the human psychological processes relating to performance, we will identify a specific performance context, and improve your performance within that context in an observable, measurable way. Then we will apply the mindset shifts (also described as ‘desired state’) at the most powerful place – your unconscious mind. 

This is the part of your mind that stores all memories, it is responsible for developing habits and behaviours, and most importantly, it works on auto pilot 24 hours a day. So it’s important to make sure this massive database is getting the best possible training as it’s the engine driving all your thoughts, decisions, immune system, digestion, and much more! 

We are all doing the best we can with the internal resources we have available. Imagine those internal resources as jars stocked on a shop shelf. My role is to help you put more jars on the shelves to reach for at the moment you want or need them and refill them when they are running low.


Josh Spinks

Professional Motocross Rider

Kay has really unlocked a new way of thinking for me, which has not only helped with my race performance but also with my Day to Day living. Each session is extremely professional and I always leave with confidence that I have the tools for a better approach to future events.

Kath Thomas

Team GB Triathlete

Kay is one of the most positive people I’ve ever come across and she’s so happy to share her wealth of knowledge, you can’t help but learn something! It’s impossible to ignore her infectious energy and with her in your corner anything seems possible. Watch this space for my next big challenge which she’ll no doubt play a part in

Leon Taylor

BBC Commentator and Olympic medallist

Kay is a standout person and a highly effective coach. She always takes the time to really get to know you as a person and then tailors the approach to get the best out of you and your performance

Joel Rizzi

Professional Motocross Rider

My sessions are amazing every time, I come out of my sessions with my mind blown! Kay explains all the different things that happen inside your mind, because you understand more, you learn new ways to manage your mind.  You come out a session feeling like a better person, more positive, more confident, more relaxed, more mentally prepared and so much more…

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