Will 2021 be the year of change? Are you ready to refresh, reboot & restart? Is it time to embrace change and improve your performance?

Build the core skills & habits to transform this challenging and unfamiliar situation into an opportunity for growth and success with our 12 week online learning programme 

You have the power to choose whether this time in your life is going to set you back or propel you forwards. 

We choose shooting for the stars – unleashing your awesome – rewriting the rules






“The programme has influenced everything about me since the first course. My biggest aims were to be more positive and be able to look at everything from more than one perspective that I was used with. I have achieved them! I am proud to say that I am more patience and hence my thoughts have become colourful and my mind calmer.

I have also started to learn about myself and how to understand people around me and their needs. I am grateful that I have become more open towards experiences, meeting new people and talking without prejudice with them, and more than that I find amazing that the others have told me how much I have changed in the past few months.

The biggest learning was to find out that there is so much more about how my brain works. The simple techniques presented and applied at the course have changed myself, my relationships with the others, my life overall.  I enjoyed everything about the course, from the way it was structured and organised in teams, the coaches coordination and input, the time flexibility, the communication on different social media, to all the NLP techniques that were explained and applied.

Thank you,"


Hi, I’m Jacqui Flavell. I’m 50 years old and live in London. I am an International Coaching Federation qualified coach and Master Practitioner of NLP, Timeline Therapy and Hypnosis. I love to travel, read, learn, watch Netflix, and have dinners out with a glass of wine. I have over 20 years of experience of leadership coaching and development. I have worked all over the world with everyone from apprentices, directors of blue-chip organisations and managing directors leading their own businesses. As a trainer, I can teach you knowledge, skills and strategies for happiness and success. As a coach, I will partner with you to help you discover how you can apply this new knowledge to your own life. I am passionate about helping people find their happy. This has led me to start my own coaching business, 2nd cup of tea, you’ll have to look at my website to find out why it’s called that! In the past I have been guilty of thinking that if only I could be more confident, thinner, and fitter then I could be happy. Discovering that it is possible to be happy just as I am is wonderful. I’d love to help you to discover this for yourself too.



Hi, I’m Miriam Burrell I am a qualified coach, Master NLP Practitioner, and meditation teacher, with plenty of life and business practice. I have over 20 years’ experience of mentoring, training, trouble shooting and coaching. I have run my own coaching business for a decade, working one to one with children and adults to create behavioural flexibility and choice. I love to deliver tailored businesses and corporate workshops that increase employee wellbeing and am passionate about working with school to reduce childhood and pre exam anxiety. My desire to create change has resulted in additionally creating a unique 2-day Empowering Change event which combines sailing and coaching and this intimate event creates space for transformative change, self-reflection, challenging activities and lots of laughter. Working smart, and hard, to enjoy modern family life, I appreciate the little things. I love being in nature, walking, kayaking, writing, and time spent in silence. As a mother of three, my children ensure my feet are kept firmly on the ground and I understand the importance and continued focus of balancing work, family time, laughter, relaxation and time spent outside my comfort zone.



Hi, I’m Kay I never used to be very good at mastering my mind-set, in fact I was so oblivious to the importance of mind-set that I hadn’t even considered mastering it! That is until I was introduced to Neurolinguistic programming about 14 years ago, it had such a profound impact on my life personally, professionally and athletically that I decided to become a qualified NLP coach myself. Having the ability to help people transform their lives is the reason I founded Gritty People 8 years ago. I now get to spend my time helping others transform their own mind set through my workshops and coaching sessions. I love helping people get out of their own way, releasing the potential they always had within them. I’m pretty high challenge, but in my experience nothing incredible ever happened inside our comfort zone, it’s my job to help you get comfortable being uncomfortable until it’s comfortable and then encourage you to get comfortable being uncomfortable again!




Via online, live, interactive and participative training. Including the following sections: The knowledge, demo, practice and Q&A session.








“Since starting the programme my awareness of triggers, my ability to deal with different problems and how these affect relationships in my life has greatly increased. Not only that, but I can see triggers and fixed mindsets in others and have been able to use some of the techniques learnt to achieve positive results.

My biggest learning was about the ‘stories’ we all tell ourselves about different situations, fears and anxieties and how these become ‘true’ in our minds. Learning how to change these ‘stories’ has been a revelation.

It’s was great to have people from all other countries involved. The breakout rooms worked very well too and felt safe to be open.

Thanks for being inspirational ladies xx” 



“To be reminded and to be shown how our (mental/emotional and physical) state does not have to be determined/affected by triggers in our environment was great and really useful at this time. The demonstration and practice sessions of controlling our responses to triggers was invaluable as was our introduction to the NLP presuppositions.

For these reasons I would definitely recommend the course to others who wish to increase their arsenal of mind management strategies.

Thank you for the experience.

I also really enjoyed how the three presenters bounced and balanced off each other. Each bringing their own unique style, strengths and stories to the course and the material”



The course will run over 12 weeks.

Morning sessions 10.00-12.00
Module 1 12 Jan 2021
Module 2 26 Jan 2021
Module 3 9 Feb 2021
Module 4 23 Feb 2021
Module 5 9 Mar 2021
Module 6 23 Mar 2021
Evening sessions 19.30 – 21.30
Module 1 19 Jan 2021
Module 2 2 Feb 2021
Module 3 16 Feb 2021
Module 4 2 Mar 2021
Module 5 16 Mar 2021
Module 6 30 Mar 2021

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