• You know how you thought you were ready for anything, it turns out that you weren’t…
  • You know how you thought you had this year all planned and actually none of us did…
  • You know how when your mindset isn’t great problems seem bigger than they really are...

2020 is the year of change. Are you ready to refresh, reboot & restart? Is it time to embrace change and improve your performance?

Build the core skills & habits to transform this challenging and unfamiliar situation into an opportunity for growth and success with our 6 week online live learning programme 

You have the power to chose whether this time in your life is going to set you back or propel you forwards. 

We chose shooting for the stars – unleashing your awesome – rewriting the rules






"My biggest takeaway and something I have already tapped into is that we can overwhelm our thoughts by allowing our emotions to take over, creating this big beast of a worry over something we need to tackle – whereas in reality, it may be a task that will take us 30 minutes, yet the concern consumes our every waking thought leading up to this event, with ‘what if’s’ and fear of something going wrong. This is the chatter and noise that gets in the way and we avoid such situations, by fearing failure, so we don’t try, so we don’t fail, so we win- but we don’t learn."
Claire F


  • Live, interactive training led by 3 experts in the fields of neuro linguistics and neuroscience. Each with their own established training and coaching business, each passionate about supporting individuals to authentically unleash their true potential. Each bringing over 20 years business experience in personal development and change.
  • You will learn the skills and tools to achieve goals and whatever you set your mind to. You will learn tried and tested, day to day tools and real-world strategies to become your own coach, distilled from your coach’s years of experience in what does and doesn't work.
  • You will participate in live demos and, in small groups, have the opportunity to practise these new skills and techniques, and leave confident you can use them immediately and without support.

Hi, I’m Jacqui Flavell. I’m 50 years old and live in London. I am an International Coaching Federation qualified coach and Master Practitioner of NLP, Timeline Therapy and Hypnosis. I love to travel, read, learn, watch Netflix, and have dinners out with a glass of wine. I have over 20 years of experience of leadership coaching and development. I have worked all over the world with everyone from apprentices, directors of blue-chip organisations and managing directors leading their own businesses. As a trainer, I can teach you knowledge, skills and strategies for happiness and success. As a coach, I will partner with you to help you discover how you can apply this new knowledge to your own life. I am passionate about helping people find their happy. This has led me to start my own coaching business, 2nd cup of tea, you’ll have to look at my website to find out why it’s called that! In the past I have been guilty of thinking that if only I could be more confident, thinner, and fitter then I could be happy. Discovering that it is possible to be happy just as I am is wonderful. I’d love to help you to discover this for yourself too.



Hi, I’m Miriam Burrell I am a qualified coach, Master NLP Practitioner, and meditation teacher, with plenty of life and business practice. I have over 20 years’ experience of mentoring, training, trouble shooting and coaching. I have run my own coaching business for a decade, working one to one with children and adults to create behavioural flexibility and choice. I love to deliver tailored businesses and corporate workshops that increase employee wellbeing and am passionate about working with school to reduce childhood and pre exam anxiety. My desire to create change has resulted in additionally creating a unique 2-day Empowering Change event which combines sailing and coaching and this intimate event creates space for transformative change, self-reflection, challenging activities and lots of laughter. Working smart, and hard, to enjoy modern family life, I appreciate the little things. I love being in nature, walking, kayaking, writing, and time spent in silence. As a mother of three, my children ensure my feet are kept firmly on the ground and I understand the importance and continued focus of balancing work, family time, laughter, relaxation and time spent outside my comfort zone.



Hi, I’m Kay I never used to be very good at mastering my mind-set, in fact I was so oblivious to the importance of mind-set that I hadn’t even considered mastering it! That is until I was introduced to Neurolinguistic programming about 14 years ago, it had such a profound impact on my life personally, professionally and athletically that I decided to become a qualified NLP coach myself. Having the ability to help people transform their lives is the reason I founded Gritty People 8 years ago. I now get to spend my time helping others transform their own mind set through my workshops and coaching sessions. I love helping people get out of their own way, releasing the potential they always had within them. I’m pretty high challenge, but in my experience nothing incredible ever happened inside our comfort zone, it’s my job it the help you get comfortable being until it’s comfortable and then encourage you to get comfortable being uncomfortable again!




Via online, live, interactive and participative training. Including the following sections: The knowledge, demo, practice and Q&A session.

  • Experiential learning – you will have the opportunity to explore each tool within the session and see a live demo.
  • Coaches available throughout the course to provide support and guidance.
  • Access to a closed Facebook and WhatsApp group for continued support and community.
  • Opportunities for 1 to 1 coaching and meditation sessions.


  • Learn how you can easily change your state and how this alone alters your experience.
  • Take the 1st step in increasing your self awareness and creating change in your world, whether that be in your personal life, your health and wellbeing, your fitness, your sports performance or your leadership style.
  • Learn various techniques to change your state in the moment.


  • Learn and practice simple techniques to change unwanted behaviour, inlcuding the habits you would rather not have!
  • Learn how to access resourceful states whenever you want.
  • Learn various techniques to change your state in the moment.


  • Learn how to get your inner team aligned and all pulling in the same direction.
  • When part of you thinks you can and another part thinks you can’t, we’ll show you how to get them on the same page.


  • Let go of the things you think and say to yourself that get in your own way.
  • Unlock your full potential and stop holding yourself back.


  • Are you being held back by experiences in your past? What if you could learn from it and let it go?
  • It’s never too late to change how you experience your past.

“Miriam has a lovely style that makes you feel at ease. She pursues a line of questioning that helps you to navigate the challenges or opportunities and find the answers in yourself as well as tricks to try when you’re on your own.” 



“I love that all of your sessions challenge me to think differently, approach blockers in a different way and make me realise that there IS an answer, I just may not have found it yet!  The focus is on being myself, approaching life in a way that chimes with my values and almost “setting me free” to do that.  I was delighted that the other sessions made me feel equally invincible and in control!”



“Jacqui is amazing! She asked the questions needed to really unravel how I was thinking negatively, why I thought that way and how I could re-frame certain feelings and experiences. I came away feeling excited about how to start and keep challenging my negative thoughts- and I can honestly say it made a massive difference in how I approach things.”

Danielle F


The course will run over 6 weeks.
Every Thursday from 10 September to 15 October

  • You have the choice of joining either the morning session 10.30-12.00 BST Or the evening session 19.30-21.00 BST
  • We will email you to ask you which one is right for you.
  • In addition to these 6 x 90 minute live interactive sessions.
  • An initial intro session in week 1 to meet the coaches and other delegates.
  • There will be an additional 3 x 30-60-minute specialist talks from experts in your chosen area to supplement the main learning. That is a total of at least 12 hours of live content and unlimited access to group interaction, learning and support.


  • Early bird offer price only £197 (Inc. vat) – expires 21 August.
  • Book today and pay only £97 deposit
  • Initial deposit of £97 has to be paid by 21st August and remaining £100 by 1st September.
  • Bookings made after 21 August will be at the usual price of £245

Got a question? Contact us: mindsetreset@grittypeople.co.uk