Gritty Mind Tidy


Gritty Mind Tidy is interactive, thought provoking and highly experiential workshop.

‘Gritty Mind Tidy’ will be an opportunity for you time. De-clutter, De-stress and take control of your future.
Have you ever found it difficult to get to sleep, or enjoy a full night of restful sleep?
Have you ever wished you had the ability to switch off the constant mind chatter and intrusive thoughts?
Have you ever felt stressed and distracted, sometimes not really present in the moment?
Have you ever found your work challenges and hectic lifestyle leave you physically drained and mentally sapped?
Once you have experienced ‘Gritty Mind Tidy’ you will see and feel things slightly differently, notice new opportunities and take control of your future.

What you get out of it

  • Develop a mindset for success through resilience
  • Understand what Emotional Intelligence is, and how taking back control of your own emotions can reduce pressure and stress
  • Know what your limiting beliefs are and how to turn them into enabling beliefs
  • Understand how you can work in harmony with your unconscious mind