So, Gritty People… it’s the weekend! YAY!

Time to take 48 hours away from the hustle and bustle of the week, work, the office .. or is it?

Are you planning to do a few emails this weekend? just a few hours of work to ‘get back on track’ … a recent study showed that when the working week (in the office, at home or simply ‘thinking’ about work) exceeds 55 hours (yes that includes work travel) there’s really no benefit in working anymore at all!

Yep that’s right, so if you’re working a 70-hour week you’re getting the same level of productivity as if you worked 55, you’ve literally just wasted 15 hours of your week !!! think of all the fun and enjoyable things you could be doing with that time!

If you really want to go back to work on Monday 110% recharged ready for the week then follow these few tips for the weekend – when we are overworked we manage our emotions in a very different way. Take responsibility for your own ability to be more resilient and manage your own emotions 🙂

Here are my top 5 tips for the weekend…


Get some ‘me time’ in the morning

It can be 10 mins or an hour, engage in an activity you are passionate about, you will feel happier all weekend and the mind will feel cleansed from the week.


Get Physical

Your mind achieves peak performance 2 – 4 hours after you wake up, so get up, engage in something physical and then sit do something mentally challenging while your mind is at its peak .. win – win!


Plan a Mini Adventure

Whether it’s a hike, a walk in the park or tickets to your favourite band. We know that anticipating something good to come plays a big part in making the activity pleasurable – it also improves mood during the week



Turn everything electrical off (in relation to work at least) until Monday morning, if you don’t do this then your brain will not recharge, you’re still mentally at work and yes you will be less productive on Monday. If your role absolutely requires you to ‘check in’ then do just that, allocate an hour at a specific time instead of making yourself ‘always available’.


Spend time with the people you love

Make plans to be with your family and friends, be present when you are with them (yes, they do notice when your attention is elsewhere, even if you’re in the same room) talk, ask them about their week, engage, and enjoy their company. Spending time with the people you love is one of best tonics the weekend can offer and it’s free! you’d be mad to waste it 😍

Have a great weekend, spend it well

Kay x

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