Bikemech – Alternative education for young people.

I had the pleasure of visiting ‘Bikemech’ over in Abram, Wigan today. At Gritty People we are all for new initiatives in learning which enable others to become ‘The best versions of themselves’ and that is exactly what Ken Winstanley and his team are achieving over at Bikemech.

Bikemech Training offer alternative educational to young people of school age (13 – 16years) in motorcycle mechanics and track & events management. Young people have been encouraged by their schools to attend Bikemech training with Ken and his team twice a week during term time.

Ken has more than 30 years of experience in motor-cross and events management and his goal is to provide every young person with a platform for progression by offering quality training and provision. Ken states “All young people have a talent. At Bikemech, we want to see that talent grow”.

A varied range of qualifications are offered, and young people are encouraged to engage with a range of activities designed to build self-confidence and teamwork. All learners have the opportunity to experience motor-cross and enduro riding as part of their daily experience.

Bikemech’s Champion Instructor is 10 x British champion Matt Winstanley. Matt states “Motor-cross offers young people a discipline and a means of progression. Young people soon gain confidence by engaging in a new and exciting sport. At Bikemech we build on this by providing alternative activities and encouraging study. Participants are more likely to succeed if they are passionate about what they do”.

The courses are split into approx. 90 day segments and the young people attend this on an ongoing basis. Bikemech has around 50 students enrolled which is looking to increase to around 60 at the start of the new term.

The results speak for themselves, the school attendance records for the young people enrolled on the courses so far is at 100%… no attendance no Bikemech! not to mention the many personal breakthroughs experienced by the attendees. The results are so impressive Bike-mech now has a waiting list of schools wanting to send students to them!

Bikemech put the success down to a ‘creative learning environment where those suited to hands on learning thrive’ and having an ‘open and honest relationship with our young people and supporting them’.

There’s thinking there are various learning preferences… there’s knowing there are various learning preferences… and then, like ‘Bikemech’, there’s taking action to provide learning environments which allow young people to thrive.

‘Helping one person might not change the world, but it could change the world for one person’
…well 60 actually!

Hats off guys awesome work!

Go and check them out!



We’d be interested to know do you know of any similar initiatives in your community?


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